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/agent/month, billed annually


/agent/month, billed monthly

  • Incident Management ? Restore a service to normal as quickly as possible with proper logging, analyzing and resolving of incidents
  • Knowledge Base ? Publish and maintain a repository of solution articles to common, recurring problems faced by end users and thereby deflect tickets
  • Self Service Portal ? Provide a platform for end users to help themselves
  • SLA Management ? Enforce different SLA policies for tickets based on departments or groups
  • Workflow Automator ? Automate processes and mundane tasks by setting the desired conditions with a simple drag and drop option
  • Orchestration ? Automate manual, error-prone, routine tasks that are spread across disparate tools by seamlessly integrating with 3rd party apps for a unified, comprehensive automation engine across the org.
  • Access Controls Starter ? Create and define the level of access for each of your agents within a service desk
  • Analytics Starter ? Get a complete overview of your service desk performance and drill deeper with run-time filter
  • Multiple Portal Languages ? Have localized versions of your support portal to cater to users across languages
  • Custom SSL ? Avail one default SSL certificate for your portal on the domain
  • Marketplace Apps ? Find integrations with popular apps and expand the scope of your service desk
  • Mobile Apps ? Access ticket information and take quick actions on the go using freshservice iOS and Android mobile app
  • 1000 Orchestration transactions/mo/account


For growing businesses across their LOBs


/agent/month, billed annually


/agent/month, billed monthly

  • Service Catalog ? Make requesting for services easier for end users by setting up a hassle-free portal
  • Asset Management - Includes 100 managed assets ? Scan and discover all assets in your organization and manage assets throughout their lifecycle
  • Purchase Order Management ? Gain complete control over your company's expenses with a streamlined process right from purchase to fulfillment
  • Employee Onboarding ? Onboard your hires in a single click by setting up a seamless process for your stakeholders to contribute and collaborate
  • Portal Customization ? Design your support portal according to your brand guidelines and make it part of your organization's domain
  • MSP Mode ? Create multiple support portals for different clients and manage all client tickets from a single application using the MSP plugin
  • Multiple SLAs ? Enforce different SLA policies for tickets based on departments or groups
  • Business Rules ? Perform condition-based actions on specific fields within a form
  • Approval Workflows ? Create approval workflows with powerful automation tools to fulfil requests on time
  • Business Hours ? Set up different business hours for your various remote service desk teams to accurately define SLAs and manage expectations
  • On-call Management
  • Cloud Management
  • 2000 Orchestration transactions/mo/account


ITSM + ITOM + Project Management for large organizations


/agent/month, billed annually


/agent/month, billed monthly

  • Problem Management ? Prevent disruptions in businesses and deflect tickets through problem management
  • Change Management ? Plan and assess changes with the Change Advisory Board (CAB) before changes are rolled out
  • Release Management ? Plan releases by documenting the build and test plans from beginning to end
  • Project Management ? Track IT initiatives to deliver outcomes on time, every time with a waterfall, a modern agile, or a hybrid approach
  • SaaS Management ? Discover, manage and optimize your SaaS Applications in Freshservice
  • Software License Management ? Track the software installed across your organization and compare these installations against the licenses purchased
  • Contract Management ? Manage all your vendor contracts right within the service desk
  • Alert Management ? Prevent critical outages through alerts that identify events and automates resolutions ahead of time
  • Analytics Pro ? Create custom reports for all service desk scenarios, use advanced filters, group data based on your attributes of choice, and schedule reports
  • Access Controls Pro ? Define responsibilities for agents across teams and grant them access to only what they need to perform their jobs
  • Team Dashboards ? Align your team's goals by creating new dashboards and sharing them with your team
  • IP Range Restrictions ? Increase helpdesk security by controlling who can log into the portal using their IP addresses
  • 5000 Orchestration transactions/mo/account


Service management solution for enterprises


/agent/month, billed annually


/agent/month, billed monthly

  • Freddy Virtual Agent on MS Teams and Slack with 2000 suggestions/mo/account ? Bring on-demand self service within MS Teams with a pre-trained NLP engine for quick support and instant resolution
  • Freddy Agent Assist ? Speed up resolution of recurring tickets with Freddy’s predictive intelligence in canned response and article suggestions, and in ticket field predictions
  • Sandbox ? Create an out-of-the-box environment to test out workflows and configurations before syncing them to your Freshservice account
  • Audit Logs ? Keep track of all the changes that take place under the Admin section of your service desk
  • 20,000 Orchestration transactions/mo/account

Transaction Definition: Any action taken via the App node in the Workflow Automator.

Suggestion Definition: Solution article or service item suggestion by Freshservice Virtual Agent. We DO NOT count the concierge queries and small talk.

Get add-ons that help you do more with Freshservice


ADD-ON Orchestration Transaction Pack

Starter, Growth, Pro, Enterprise

ADD-ON Assets Pack

Growth, Pro, Enterprise

ADD ON Project Management

Pro, Enterprise

FREDDY Virtual Agent Suggestion Pack


ADD-ON SaaS Management

Pro, Enterprise

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24 x 7 email support and 24 x 5 phone support included with all plans


Can’t decide which plan is right for you?

Day Passes

Get extra support help for a product launch or other spike

Need extra support help for a product launch or other spike? Day Passes make it easy for you to add extra agents temporarily when you need them. Just add them as occasional agents, buy a few Day Passes, and let them use a day pass for each day they need to access your support.

What are managed assets?

Any asset discovered by the Probe or the Agent is considered a managed asset. The same goes for assets that are added using other methods and are later updated using the Discovery Agent.

How does the 21-day free trial work?

After you sign up, you get free unrestricted access to all the features available in Freshservice for 21 days. Thereafter, you can upgrade to a suitable plan.

Is my data safe?

We take security seriously. Our servers are hosted in a world class data center that is protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches. Our data center is EU-US privacy shield compliant and all Freshservice plans include SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and also PayPal. For annual contracts, we accept checks and online transfers in USD, EUR, GBP currencies.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Freshservice is a pay-as-you-go service and you can choose to upgrade your subscription instantly. If you wish to downgrade or cancel your subscription, you can do so at the end of your term. Click on ‘Plans & Billing’ in your Freshservice account to change your subscription details.

What is Orchestration?

Orchestration helps automate manual, error-prone, routine tasks that are spread across disparate tools by seamlessly integrating with homegrown apps as well as other popular apps for a unified, comprehensive automation engine across the org.

Freshservice’s Orchestration Center provides out of the box integrations with 3rd party applications that can be easily combined with freshservice workflows to streamline and automate frequent, repeatable processes.

What is an orchestration transaction?

Any action taken via the App node in the Workflow Automator is classified as a transaction

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. Freshservice offers discounts to non-profit organizations, educational institutions and large teams. Contact [email protected] for personalized pricing.

Who is an agent? Can I add an agent on short term basis?

In Freshservice, an agent can either be full-time or occasional, depending on your requirement. A full-time agent is someone who is part of your core service desk team. An occasional agent is someone who requires access to the service desk only on need-to basis. By default, Freshservice offers 3 free Day Passes at the time of sign up. For adding more occasional agents, you can purchase Day Passes starting from 1. Anybody can be added as an occasional agent, and the admin can define their role and scope of access to the service desk portal.

What is Freddy?

Freddy is a premium AI offering from Freshworks. It includes pre-trained NLP to understand frequently used IT terms and AI servicebots that deliver on-demand Self Service support in channels requesters frequently use. Freddy’s predictive intelligence capabilities include canned response suggestions, solution article suggestions and ticket field predictions.

Freddy Virtual Agent in Enterprise has 2000 Freddy suggestions/month/account included in the plan. Refill packs for the Freddy Virtual Agent can be purchased at 250€ for 500 Freddy VA suggestions.

What is a Freddy Suggestion?

Solution article or service item suggestion by Freshservice Virtual Agent is classified as a Freddy Suggestion. We DO NOT count the concierge queries and small talk.

Have any other questions?

If you have questions about Freshservice or the sign up process, please email us at [email protected] and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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Freshservice’s mobile apps have been thoughtfully designed to help your team stay in touch with users, even when they’re not at their desks. With the iOS and Android apps, your team can stay on top of incoming tickets, collaborate with other agents, and respond to issues on the go.

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